The WEB: School Shooting Uncovered

Major Points

Gun control is a band-aid

Any gun vs an unarmed crowed is still a tragedy

Teachers with guns will make things worse

If cops kill minorities – and it’s their job to figure out who and when to shoot, then one can assume teachers with their potential for bias would be in danger of doing the same.

No one needs a firefight in the school, cross fire might kill more students. Also Do you arm teachers with handguns vs assault rifles or are we giving teachers assault rifles to be evenly matched?

Marching is a knee-jerk reaction if no further steps are taken.

Marching is great but it means nothing if these politicians do not lose their jobs.

Bullying & Isolation

Not to say these poor bullied shooters, but they are the poster child for school shooters. I do believe if a person picks up a gun they must take full responsibilities of their actions. If minorities get hit with the book for street crime in neighborhoods where people rob to eat then the same shall be true for someone who resulted to murder for what ever reason they feel is justified. That is the true mark of a villain of society. If a person feels wrong and takes justice into their own hands they must know they will be seen as the unjust person to that society most of the time.

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