March-April Updates

Thanks for hanging in there with me, things can get rough even when things are going well. I hope everyone is doing well enjoying life. Remember sometimes that last push can me all that’s needed. And now some visuals for the update.

An expansion on older concepts.

6 more weeks


More of this set will be shown as well as exclusive shots. The continuation of this concept has landed me with an additional collaboration on the series Ice Queen by Grim’s Crypt.

Featured Image -- 2408However, who is this model? Well she is a new face that is now working with us and she is a natural. You will be very lucky if you find her anywhere else on the internet. I love to find a unique source of muses to give this site more of an at home feeling.

Check out Ice Queen by Grim’s Crypt


The model used in Ice Queen


So far me and Ashley worked together once but this summer there will be more work flowing into this website featuring this talented model.

Something Unexpected

I may have found a new face. What does everyone think of her below?


This model I think will also turn heads, although that seems like I have a conflict of interest but I will let everyone be the judge. She is the likely candidate for one of the focal points to my big series Black Noir. This is the project with the Gotham and Jessica Jones inspired work. I am hoping this will show some range for both of us, and I will be searching for some writers and illustrators for a collaboration.

She Returns

Remember the previous snow concept shoot?

Well, we got her back in the studio for another concept. She is another face you won’t see else where modeling but here. I saw her take new leaps in creativity and commitment to the concept. We have exclusive sets within the sets that will be released, that day was very productive so I’m happy to pass that along.


More of the same

Remember her?

yeah We still have unreleased photos that will are planning to release very soon and I think the time is now.


I will have behind the scene footage, more podcast and interviews to go along with all of this new content.

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