5 Productivity Rules While Working a 9-5 (8×3 Law)

If you are working a 9-5 and live paycheck to paycheck or just over that then this article if for you.

The 9-5 & The 8×3 is the time management of maintaining a company while working a full-time job.

The typical day is about eight hours of work, and we generally want about eight hours of sleep. So what are we left with? Eight hours of time to work on our company. The first thing we shout out is travel between work and dealing with home or family.

Pen & Pad

While you are doing other things delegate that part of the business for things you can write down. Download an app to write memos or have an old fashion pen and pad. We don’t have to be married to hour computer or phone to get work done. It has made us weaker. Even at work I keep a pad and pen on me at all time to write down every idea that I have to further my business. After doing that I can see how hard it is to move a business only working on it on my free time. Therefor, working on it during my job is earning my some time back from that eight hours I have to grind.

Voice Recorder

The drive and from work. Run a recorder. It should only take one button to record and pause. This would keep you productive while staying focused on driving. Also it keeps your mind thinking about the things that you need for your business and clues will start to appear before you while driving.


Our minds only focus whats on our minds. There is so many things to see in this world we usually don’t see them because we are not focused on them. That is why when something new appears in our life it seems like that is all we see throughout our day. The truth is those markers were there everyday.


You will not only be up-to-date on what’s happening around you but you will sound and be smarter. Buy a tablet and download some books or magazines, it will be easy to read while on the go or on your lunch break. If your target market is at your workplace you will appear more stoic and professional.

Get At Least One Win

Sometimes we work a job that is exhausting. I was in an exact position; I use to work an overnight job. I would sleep until it was time to go back to work. Not doing anything would really get to me. I made it my first rule to get one thing done. Soon after it became easier to get that one thing completed and sooner so I could get two done and so forth. As I got use to working I was able to stay up longer and my business has grown because of it.

Get Some outside help

Depending on how important, it may be a good idea to outsource a task. When it comes to business I like to have big projects to increase profit. Time is very important and a 9-5 will slow many projects down to a crawl. The project will come out sooner and of better quality.

Networking is vital because many people are a piece to a puzzle and together great things can happen.

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