The Price of Eye Candy

I seen a $4,000 watch. I had to let that sink in.

Maybe women get looked down upon for being over-sexualized but it didn’t seem to clear as to what our cardinal sin was for our gender. For the chance to reproduce some men spend a lot of money to look like money. It’s something that I hated. I completely forgot about the cost to look good to women until I picked up a Men’s Health Magazine.

Watching Women Spend Money

Women spend a lot of money on fashion, hair, nails, make-up and shoes and honestly I have mixed feelings about it. Although I think a woman shouldn’t have to go through so many loops I also have to come to terms with how star struck I get when I see a woman who tends to lack visible flaws. A woman would really trip men up by being so damn attractive. Women are generally treated better. We call beautiful women, “the one we take home to meet the family.” These are just women who have a pretty face overall and style. How did I know the same was true for men in the way we look like money.

Look the part

I am looking at a Breitling watch being priced at $4,325 on a man who is wearing a suit with a polo instead of a button-up and what looks to be Chuck Taylor’s but are instead Koio shoes with a price of $148. The entire outfit is just over five grand. The only thing that is flashy is the watch. It is a conservative look but has to be the most cocky outfit I seen in years. I would have never thought to combine a suit and polo with some gym shoes but that’s fashion.

The things men do to impress. I can see why women pass over me now. The amount of effort to keep up an appearance would bankrupt me. This has put a lot of things into question for me. Do I build an appearance that looks beyond my pay grade or do I push the world for a more realistic approach to love?

What I’m going to do

Well I do love to look good, I just avoided it because I can’t dance and I don’t have a social life or any friends that would fit said life. This year, I will make that effort to look better if not for myself to see what kind of man I would be if I appealed to my own physical appearance more.


I want to have the kind of money where buying a watch that is the same price of a used car can be within reach, will I buy it?


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