Doctors Warns Men To Not Put Knives In Their Butt.

The Doctors said don’t do it.

“It may be a smooth surface but if you look to the edge to your surprise there is a sharp pointed end.”

Men everywhere are sliding knives up their bottoms to break up the stool that is stuck in their rectum. many websites claim that this is the most effective way to pass the stool especially for those who are apart of the following of none-chewers; a group of snake fanatics who swallow their food whole.

“Just keep pushing, for god sake,” One doctor said as he wanted to remain nameless as speaking on butt stabbing is beneath him.

He later told the film crew to leave and that this was a joke. I assure you this is no joke. Women have gotten into this trend using steak knives to cut the stake stool that they should have cut on the dinner plate.

Little studies have been done as to how effective sawing your butt in half is a good idea, most scientist said it was a waste of time as no one is willing to fun or volunteer for the study.

Of course I am kidding but I met an internet person in person and it’s amazing at what people will believe and follow.

I thought I’d have some fun after talking to a flat-Earth-er in person and coming home from work to see women shoving wasp next up their vagina.

I struggle with stories like this but I had to remember that Columbus was considered a saint until recently.  If we take the good with the bad some people don’t know what to think.

Moral of the story

People are more loyal to what they believe than the truth.

No one believed me

I struggled with why people lacked confidence in me. I was usually right as I take so much care in speaking. I pick battles I can win. Yet, no one had confidence in me. It was I didn’t have a shred of confidence in myself. I hear of crazy stories with absolute confidence and people believe in it. So I want everyone to hold me accountable of pure confidence as I really honker down and improve myself.



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