Artwork over-Flow

Ok everyone I will stop holding on to the artwork that I’ve held on for so long.

I wanted to create a tribe but a man must work and create more and quite frankly it’s taking up space on my computers.

Let’s start out with a classic set.

Press Rewind


More on this…

Photography tips

It’s hard to imagine I was somewhat new to portraits. This is a new edit and this is one major lesson for anyone who is starting photography to never delete anything and always shoot in RAW.

I shot with her a few times later but I have not shot with her since so these shots have a lot of value and meaning. We were friends before so this isn’t me just missing a model but missing the rare times where friends can become productive together.


What I am going to do next?

Well I will start publishing books laced with short stories and photography in graphic novel form with full-page spreads. I hope it’s something that is appreciated.

This next project is about the uprising before and during.

Have you ever felt like you have been losing way too long?


This last one didn’t exactly match the set but this was the first view into my current darker side in my work.

The subject is the smile that I wear in public but there is always something more…when you see the dark side.

Update from last winter

I went through a lot, I watched bridges burn and I almost fell trying to put out the fire. With that, it’s clear I didn’t set the fire. These tales will show in my upcoming publications as life will show us all that our minds is more damaged than any illness of battle scar that we can take in war.

Ground work to the mood

This project is…my war cry. Have you ever felt like you have been losing way too long? We try because we know we deserve it, not because we think we are going to win. In fact we know we are going to lose. Pride has taken a big hit in the media and social media alike but this is our only driving force. I am pushing but I know I will lose, my only hope is that I am wrong. But at the very least we can no longer walk into battle with the face of certain defeat…

This summer I will push myself…

I may be gone for a while but I shall communicate with the photos that you will see before you.

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