Numbers Do Lie: Series Breakdown 1

Numbers don’t lie, right?

This was a notion we tried to push down the public throats since I’ve been alive and I’m sure much longer. Why? Why Mr. Isom you got to be insane in the membrane.

Preview on written and visual series

There will be angles on the story and how I feel about the sense of justice. these will be placed in quotes as such.

OK — OK let’s explore this. Let’s start out with how numbers lie and then why.


Series preview

The project has a strong sense of numbers and how they can manipulate the public. Imagine the world we live in now. When we argue points on the internet there is a sense of both sides presenting what seems to be facts yet both come to completely different conclusions. The visuals will be the real story between the real numbers watching the shown numbers.


The scale of added value vs what the chart shows. It’s qualitative data to give insight as to why numbers change.

Here is an example of scaling not being provided that will skew results. The Chicago Bulls lost 10 of 14 in a row. The logical if then statement would be that they are a bottom tier team. Let’s say we left out the Bulls had all of their stars injured. They lost 10 games in a row; when they got healthy they went on to beat the top four teams in the NBA. However, the record 4-10 record says this is a terrible team. But we know we need to look at this team deeper to get the full story.

The scale here is how the quality of the team has changed from before. This isn’t the same team as before. The there is the scale of the strength of the schedule.

More Practical example

If we told the world the numbers of the people who died from the common cold we might freak out. People get a cold everyday now it’s deadly? The scale here that is left out is how all the cases were people of compromised immune systems. In other words, it likely doesn’t apply to you. This isn’t a real stat but to give a number count, statistics and ratios sound very convincing.


Practical Story

In this story a theme that will show up time and time again are how the statistics will be low on certain illnesses or bad fortune. However we will show the story of the people who is always apart of the stats. This is a cautionary tale to say that stats are not random or a normal distribution. This is bringing math into bad Karma.

Let’s get some real numbers

Even if the numbers don’t lie, do we understand them?

About 1-5 people have Genital Herpes in the United states. More than 50 Million people with 85 percent of these people are unaware that they have it. This is the first stat that we see when you look it up, and it’s a scary stat isn’t it?

The logical thing would be to count off the people in your work area and friends and say one of every five has it, or at least a good number of your area is filled with them.

Then we look at the numbers of the country population. 320 million people were counted in the U.S. a few years ago. To think it was a normal distribution would be how the number don’t lie but the common man’s ignorance failed to know what it means.

When dealing with 320 million people areas will spike and others will be extremely low. While a common sentence mentioning a ratio sounds exactly what it is consistent, but we know it’s not across a map. A situation where being too cautious wouldn’t hurt however a gambling person wouldn’t believe it and may do more risky activities in areas of high concentration. Dodging the bullet doesn’t mean bullets aren’t flying.



Cold sores. These are also called herpes but they are not genital herpes. Almost everyone have them. If a person confuses the two then we have added fear. Now that person knows way too many people with cold sores and they think they are in a hotbed.

Enough about that…

one million will die but don’t say where

These photos are the concept that will give a more light into my future project as in the editing.

This one below is a smile to show how it’s not all grim.


As I am writing this here is a Bonus! on P-Hacking

With all of these “Studies Show” thanks to the Tonight show with John Oliver.

I want say anything I will just show the video.

This photo below is a preview from more sets that will come soon!

Her face is the face I have while watching this video.


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