Recent Graduates Photos

I know I do a lot of artistic photographs and I typically stay in my artistic lane, it’s usually what brands try to maintain however I want to show that I can do my clients well and show them the happier side of life. Here are a few graduates and clients that received their Master’s Degree.



although I didn’t finish my undergraduate and it still burns every day I love to see the people I went to school with go further and beyond.


It gives me faith that the life I life is a journey and I will keep getting better if I am in school or not. This graduate had a semicolon on her cap meaning the story isn’t over yet. It was inspiring.

I wonder where my story will take me, every client I have teach me something about life.

The Smile of Family and Friends


Something that I was reminded of when I went to this graduation was that friends are priceless. If my life I reach any goal in life it means little if I walked it alone. I was alone for much of my journey but in spirit there were many who walked with me.

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