New Passion, New Direction

For the past two years I have been walking quickly into an early grave completely without a flame in my heart. My first love was science, my second comedy my third was photography. As for writing, I don’t love it because I don’t think anyone reads my messages; thus I will keep this short.

My new passion

This is an old passion of science and my temporary fling with journalism. Perhaps I was smitten by my years of skepticism on suspicious scientific research that floods the news and social media. Maybe I just like to be right. But I know for sure I think this is a dangerous situation that everyone can potentially be apart of. Everything seem to cause cancer. I see way more causes of cancer than the types of cancer that exist. That would mean either the risk is lower than getting struck by lightning or something is fishy. With all of these common actions that I do that “causes” cancer I should have them all by now. I won’t get into the probability here but my new mission is to break down popular studies to see what they really mean.

Old passion and flings

Yes that means I will be back doing journalism. It will be in a separate tab.


black microphone
Photo by on

I will speak some truth without being too preachy. Please push me on stage as I need all the encouragement as I am extremely nervous.


I have a big series that I am rushing to get the concept out because all of the plans are moving forward very fast. Starting with this model below.

Taken by Royal Passion, Iyce photos


Many of these studies are very hurtful. The most famous study that people still debate on is vaccination causing autism. Sure it’s been debunked but when the study came from scientist in the first place the public doesn’t know what to think.

Dangerous results

Not vaccinating children can lead to some horrible consequences. Children may get very sick or worse. Better safe than sorry would actually be getting the vaccination. The distrust doesn’t just end with the scientist. Out of all of my friends who are against it especially people of color think that the vaccines were tampered with.

“You never know what they put in those vaccines.”

I’ve heard that they check your ethnicity via social security number from a few of my friends. If it’s true or not the fear is enough to push people away.

horse in the race

Ok. I don’t have a horse in the race although I can tell a lot of them are already suspicious. If the ones I thought was bad but were good I will eat my words, promise.

Bonus material


Something I’ve written a long time ago that I never posted because I thought it may have been too unprofessional however, I am more of a creative writer than a photographer and it speak to the dark places in my life.

Writing to save myself

Where in a business we keep our feelings out of it when it comes to my poetry, comedy, short stories and essays transparency is a major benefit and outlet.

My written project is the voiceless man.

Written by I som J acobs


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