A Letter Worth Writting

Get Out Your Pen and Paper

Throw out the problems of climate change for a second. What if I said the unnecessary is the most important or romantic?

I urge everyone to buy stationary and sit down and think of a few people who really mean something.

What would you write to them if you had to take the time to hand write it, buy a stamp and have them wait a few days to receive it. Will it be meaningful or just something to match your personality?

My Note

Understandably I was a bit saddened by this challenge. The obvious choices, well — we speak so much what could I say. After a while I realized how little meaningful things I actually say to my loved ones. The next choices are people who I haven’t spoken to in a long while. I can only see myself beginning with an apology. Then to follow my disappointment in the lack of goals that I reached. The disappointment I have for watching their profiles on social media but not reaching out because things have become so distant over the internet.

antique background blur book
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Thoughtful Not Thirsty

 I will send off care packages to people in my life that needs it the most. Not financial ones but something to show that they are loved more than sending thoughts and prayers after someone they loved passed away. Send the value before the tragedy.

The next woman If I ever pursue them I will send letters as well. I use to be romantic but became a cynic and that’s now who I want to be so I will do things that take time and patience.

Why, Though?

How many memories do you have sending a text message, PM, DM, or message in a Facebook inbox? I bet your loved one will remember a hand written letter from you and I bet you will remember writing it, sealing and mailing it off. I bet you will remember waiting for the call with a happy voice on the other side.

As for the men, this is that part where we look better for being a gentleman. Enough said.

Added Bonus From the site

I will send letters to the models as well as patrons who support the staff. One thing I don’t want to appear as is a person who isn’t aware of the people who are rooting for us. The support has personally helped me in my dark times; for that I thank you.


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