Real Hip-Hop Portraits

It’s a great day when I work with other creative people. Mo Ryda is a Detroit artist that visited Chicago to do a series of shoots with me for her upcoming projects. This photo shoot is dropping late as a photographer who works a full time job things get hectic. So from Chicago to Detroit and the rest of the country enjoy.

second videos is her music


I was able to show her some of Chicago’s food culture with help of the Food Truck Festival. It really helped both of us have a more relaxed demeanor despite the heat. After listening to her music it should be clear of her personality. Smooth but firm is probably the best way I can describe her. Not the typical artist that talks about her domination over others through money or power but she has a vibe of standing strong.

Behind the scenes from the shoot…


We act very similar so we call each other twins. I wish the best to my friend. I want it to be known that we have been friends for 10 years to make sure this post does not appear bias. I will let you be the judge of her music.

These videos are from her page but the photos were taken by none other than yours truly.

My artistic vision was to give it a classic 1990s era of hip-hop. She reminds me of Nas and Method Man when it comes to the way she carries herself. The twist I see is the beats are harder than one you might hear from Nas for example. If anyone who isn’t familiar with what I am talking about, Nas talked about street crime and drugs but you are more likely to hear some kind of instrumentals than the typical hip-hop song.


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