How We Enjoy Life

Updated post: Alternative edits!!

I will do a set on turning green into something more like fall. I know we are for the most part surrounded by green forest..let’s be real that’s boring as hell. This would be a subtle touch to surreal photography.

There isn’t a deep meaning behind this day. This is simply the power behind doing something that creates a fun memory. 

This shoot is the introduction much like the pilot of a television show. The plot isn’t seen just yet. This is to show the person’s character. This is a teaser of the shoot that is in itself, a teaser.

Sequence 04

I enjoy photography. I love the process of framing the subject and watching different personalities blossom. To me modeling is something we all can do. The modeling industry may go for a certain look but anyone can transcend into anyone or anything. All it takes is a fraction of a second per shot to capture the look. That part is fun.




Pep Talk

I don’t have a very active social life; many people don’t. However, there are times I want to look like a million dollars and have more than my immediate family to see me. It’s a good reminder to tell myself to be great. I also need to update these shots of glory to show myself that I am still progressing. I think we call could see how far we have come without looking back but by looking in the mirror. The mirror that is stuck at our best moment of the year- our happiest moment of the year.


How I see the Joy

Imagine going to the club and taking photos with your friends. That is me but I put a ton of effort into the photos. In the meantime I try to add some meaning behind the photos.


Behind the shoot

This was the help promote the hair style. It’s a test shot for anyone who does hairstyles and need some commercial work. The hair is very vibrant and it stood out with the earthy tones of the gardens. It provides great contrast that isn’t exactly binary but has two major contrasting colors.

It also gives a interesting reference to her personality and candy. To add the natural aspect of the garden and the forest it set the table for a very appealing shoot.



It’s that blurriness that is seen in the background of the photo. I love this effect and it seems as if every photographer does as well. Sometimes it often makes the location rather irrelevant. I think it gives me more of a challenge to use the background differently. Others go for the absolute most obscurity behind the subjects, which isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes there are interesting things in the photo. I try to go for a decent balance to lead the eye to the subject while making sure the foreground and background are pleasing to the eye.



What’s Next?

Lifestyle photography is likely on the agenda. I am going to work with the model and work out something that we are both passionate in—hopefully. I also love to put some artistic themes in the mix. If you like you may call them filler, perhaps they will have their own spin-off. Only time will tell.


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