Improve Your Modeling 1 Step

This isn’t a 10 step program because to be honest most of those steps are not followed. When I looked at the “fix something in 5 steps” I usually cherry pick the easiest one and ignore the rest.

When it comes to modeling there is one major step that you must overcome before you can move forward. This is more so for newer models… Manage you Anxiety.



I thought about doing this post while doing an event. part was shooting someone who was nervous and me being taught how to dance. When it comes to me dancing I was funny looking for sure. I was thinking about my movements and not really feeling the music. I was going through the motions and it was clear as day I can’t dance to save my life.

When it comes to modeling, a nervous person can show in the photos. There are a variety of reasons why someone may be nervous. perhaps its the idea of a daunting task of modeling. It can often mean a self image issue or the people that the model is working with is making them uneasy. For what ever reason it shows in the expression and body posture. These are the same ques that people are told to look for when it comes to making that move in dating.

Bonus: which will be on every step


Take the photos of you being nervous then watch what happens when you are caught in a candid moment. The difference is powerful.

In life there are often parallels. Fix anxiety and it will improve the quality of life. This is something I struggle with daily. So yes this is me literally not practicing what I preach or more so that coach who never started in games when he was younger. I hope this hope someone.


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