Why Love inspires from Pain

It’s typically called baggage when love from the past has changed us in a way that prevent us from receiving love later in life. I think about the things I did more than I am willing to admit on a normal basis. No one wants to be the bad guy, especially when you are being reached out to. I tell myself I did what was right and that often creates a new reality. A new reality in a creative is amazing. 

After You Read This

I have a section on watermarks and how my feelings has been evolving on that.




Music doesn’t help me feel any better but some you got to keep replaying.

The connection

I didn’t cheat, beat or curse out my ex. It was something that had potential and still does.

It was the drifting apart separating…to the point where the first line, “which way from here?”  Then mentioning a mutual vain glare at each other. A song title “You’re gonna leave,” is that on and off again and that relationship that knows it’s stealing or borrowing time; knowing it will end one day.


This song torments me as I cannot stop listening to this song. The chorus sounds haunting as a man walks a path alone as each foot print he makes is lit on fire. In this song he clearly cares but isn’t fully in control of himself.

That is a big part in my work that is consistently dark. I want to come into the light but it seems I have to work in the dark to repent and knowing the light is more blinding than it is in the dark. I can only imagine the song would transition to Ziggy Marley “Beach in Hawaii,” as he sings…”I wish you were here with me.”

I’m saying making it out would only be more painful. It makes reaching a goal a double edge sword.


I personally don’t like the use them but I am not going to act like people don’t steal photos. So what do we as creatives do? I have even see some “magazines” put a watermark over a photo that wasn’t created by that company. How do I know? They put their watermark on a photo that is already watermark. A photo with two different watermarks? Why? At this point it just looks tacky. People don’t understand how angry I would get if someone else put a watermark on my photo just because a model used it. That being said. I have had captions on my photo that indicate that it’s a showcase and not another brand trying to bury mine. On the other hand there was someone who stole my photo and put a water mark over it because they put their filter. I wanted to punch them for a few years as if I clocked in to work to beat them.

So on my photos that are really likely to be stolen I tend to add a creative watermark, begrudgingly. This is why I want to create catalogs in print. I mean look at this photo below.


More On This Shoot

It couldn’t be any darker for this shoot. This would normally be my biggest challenge shooting but big surprise I came prepared. One thing I bought was to be able to power my studio lights outdoors. it made a big difference. I plan on using this style to further explain visually how I feel on the two songs presented. I know I don’t have much time as the winter approaches soon. Fingers crossed so nothing promised.


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