Give Your Blog More Impact Now

think outside of the box
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First things first

Get to the point

No one cares about an intro, I sure don’t. No one cares about your life’s story that led up to the tips or suggestion. Treat blog post like journalism, put the most important things at the top.

Stop echoing

If your top 5 list can be found by the top 5 or 10 google searches don’t bother adding on your list unless it enhances the others.

This being said I will not touch on subjects like be controversial,  or say action and trigger words that you might have seen while doing your homework. If your still looking it probably isn’t working like they said it would.

The first idea may not appear to keep people on your page longer which helps the site metrics but the fresh ideas of not echoing will lead to more loyal readers. Let them know you brought some actual thought into this project and knowing you didn’t think of an idea, google it and regurgitate the top 3 search results; the same sites all your readers probably read already.

The body

There is where the rest of the information can live. This part are for those loyal fans and people who enjoyed what you written thus far. If you are not a strong writer who can be very eloquent or a great story-teller this format is optimal. Give them the cash first don’t describe the suitcase it came in and how bad traffic was on the way to the meeting. This idea came from reading some blogs today and after 3 long introduction paragraphs I still didn’t find what I was looking for.

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