Apex & New Art

I’ve been gone from this site for almost a year, while still paying for this page. It’s like paying the fat tax while I slacked off. However if someone only followed me on here I wanted you to know I never stopped creating. I also play Apex Legends now, I still kinda suck though.

I shoot like someone who is shell shocked from war. However I manage to grab some kills before being destroyed seconds later. I am the classic villain who gives the hero a challenge before they ultimately win.


I mange to do new shoots and alternate edits since I last came here. I did add some models to the featured model section for people I am working with. Here is a taste of photos that I took in 2018-2019.

Lanie Doll

This face should be familiar as we linked back up to create art once again and as I am building my YouTube I am helping with hers as well. LanieDoll Land is her YouTube handle.

Sky Deck Chicago


I did a rather lengthy shoot with this model and I have a lot more to display on here, please be patient with me. I want to devote a post or page to this one but you can also find her on the featured model section.

More Below

Some Events that I went to including C2E2!

People who will be on a NSFW section

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