Where Was My Brand And I?

I’ve been missing in action on my business accounts besides reposting and written stories. The repost were to at least show people that I was at least still alive. Any internet guru would say this is bad for business. So what was I doing?

My Tribe

If there was ever a lesson to learn from me today is all tribes are not created equally. My tribe is currently majority of the people I know personally, and I know a lot of people. What people don’t know about me is how smart I am. I hid such things because I lacked leverage in my life, I would just create enemies—I still did; silent ones.

How to spot a hidden enemy (side advice)

Leak information about you, juicy but none damaging ones. When the information leaks you can figure out who it came from. It also helps to have at least five trusted informants who can report back.

Brand vs Tribe

This is something that needs to be seperated. Nike is a brand. All I see when I think is the quality and use of the product. The tribe is more personal. It is often seen as lacking professionalism—and it can be. The face of the company could tell too much. No one wants to see a spokesperson indecisiveness or emotional instability in real time; perhaps a testimony after-the-fact as a sign of triumph. So this post is my informal speech to connect with the people who read as a person not a business.

My Tribe Continued…

It’s important to note people not knowing how intelligent because any progress I made was downplayed. The faces they made when they realized I was not just smarter than them but in many varieties from books to physical hobbies that require skill and dexterity. That sour taste doesn’t make the best customer especially at my price point. This wasn’t always a problem in college, we were always trying to improve—it was expected. Now in the workforce my achievements gets downplayed my faults get magnified.

Overtime I created more enemies. Not something I wanted to mix with my brand. “Sold me out for chicken change,” James Brown. During a long journey last thing I needed was enemies keeping tabs on my missteps.

The Trick

I created a social media business blackout, but I didn’t stop shooting or improving my business. I started new hidden accounts to get a new tribe. Something magical happened, some people couldn’t hide their excitement to what they thought was a failure. It was a reveres secret, saying nothing people would report that I said nothing. These are the people who aren’t doing anything but talk about their goals.

The things I did shoot

I wanted to try my hand at developing other brands first hand so I donated some time. It was an interesting experience. I see a lot of new faces with a business as a social media and brand expert. I know there really isn’t a college degree on that specifically that I know of and the landscape is always changing so I had to a first-hand dive.

My conclusion, most brands I viewed were very personal, especially the vlogs. For anyone pouring their personal life into it just be careful. Similar to what I went through, people are able to shoot and hit spots they normally wouldn’t have access to. Morality will hit everyone hard when the brand or tribe is very personal and raw. Not everyone will agree and the internet is polarizing. It’s easy to be on the polar end, it’s not always a bad thing just be comfortable with the side that was picked or chosen even.

It helps to have support when taking the journey online when creating a tribe, real world and online. Any stance taken people will hold the speaker to it. We remember when someone goes back on their word, I have plans change especially when working with others.

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