Branding: Stopping & Starting

One of the biggest things that has always caused me issues is wanting fresh content and being consistent being a portrait photographer.

The biggest roadblock I always run into is work stoppage. In branding it’s usually out of sight out of mind. The moment I stopped there was a voice waiting to step in my place. Let’s go on a story on how I got to this place in my life.


I wasn’t always the most popular photographer, Tall and dark but rough around the edges with very natural but nervous sounding soft spoken voice. Things became more difficult as I outgrew my shooting space, especially looking professionally. However, I had a plan…I was buying a house.

The next hit was the summer when I was working on closing the house and packing things up from my humble beginnings. That was a good portion of the summer that I wasn’t shooting. To add gas to the fire I don’t like to repost. After I got my house my brand was all but dead.

I mostly did events to pass the time when I was packing my things. I went to as many comic cons as I could. where I met and shot with a model I’ve worked with before.

Fine, I would just have to work in the dark grab some shoots and yell into the world and often. Here is what happened.

After effects of stopping

I was all but dead to the internet world. I posted and I got maybe 12 likes and some trickling in to make it to the low 20s. It was frustrating, watching people running the same race lap me. I’m back at square one.

This is a lesson to never stop posting.

I had conflicting brand photos that slowed things down to an eventual stoppage. The one above is a normal portrait then I had a request for something a bit more on the edge. they are contrasting photos, like the one below.

Of course this is the most modest one I added but I’m sure you get the idea. It was an implied shoot but these days it seems you are either all in or not at all. I don’t post many implied shoots so it would either cause shock and/or people raving for more when I don’t have enough of this kind to be sustainable. It was more like a flash in the pan, with no gas to keep it lit.

The Silver lining

It’s time to rebrand.

It is a good time to rebrand because I was rather unpopular with the people that follow me being shadow banned for inactivity gave me more power to do so.

Shadowbanned: The theory is the algorithm not showing up on many of your own followers timeline. typically if you are inactive a shadowban is likely to occur. It’s really not a “ban” it’s similar to a friend on facebook that you never like or comment, eventually you will see less and less of them until not at all. Out of sight out of mind hits harder for this exact reason. The people forget about you and the internet does as well. It’s a clever way to make you create ads just so people who already follow you can see your content.

I shoot so many things that I could do a complete 180 if a market is favorable. It make sense because I already have trouble with my location where I shoot is a midpoint to my competitors ( always someone closer than me). Being a sole proprietor my brand can be destroyed and only baggage I would have is a few misplaced clients and a internet history different of my new brand.

Hard Reset

That’s how you do a hard reset. Stop posting and get shadowbanned. build up the content you need to last on the dry months. When you come back tag your new target brand. Don’t get a new page, that way your social media page will still have the numbers and you don’t look like a newcomer or spam-likely account.


I am really interested in what the cyber wave could offer as well as mixing it with lifestyle photography. I love both and I think it would give me more bang for my time. I will write more on how to expand on lifestyle photography and why to do it creatively if you don’t shoot as often as you like with others.

There might be a return of this model below so stay tuned for more on the site.

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