Walk The Path of Fear

“Nothing to fear but fear itself.”

Franklin Roosevelt

Typically when someone famous says something it’s law. It’s a conformity that we follow without a second thought. I’m going to reexamine this one.

Here is a shoot I did mixing the physical fear and mental fear.

Counter Weight Podcast episode 8

Courage & fear from the past week and the next week.

Courage and Fear and how they relate Music Chill day by Lakey Inspired

The original physical fear is very much needed and it will differ to how I see mental fear. If a bear finds me walking in the forest fear tells me that my life is in danger. Not only is it in danger but I don’t have a good chance of survival. Unless I am cool with dying that fear is very legitimate. I don’t fear the fear, I fear the bear. The fear to me is just realizing the consequences will not be of my liking.


Mental or fear imposed by society is different. The fear of not doing something isn’t typically life or death; it’s isolation and shame. If we take out the law which is physically isolating those who break the law; we would be left with social taboos and ‘immoral’ activities. The fear of being isolated by one personal life choice is a half truth. A person may lose their current group of friends but only to be exchanged with a new one, provided they leave the social area.

Fear being the path

The standards that is placed on the people in this world could be completely different from the person making the choices. The fear is the symptom of something a person true desires. I not cautious of bank alarms until I’m about to rob a bank, due to my greed.

Desires given names of sin even

  • Lust
  • Greed
  • Sloth
  • Pride
  • ect

Who we are depends on our given culture and chance discovery. Peer pressure from high school is just practice from societal pressure. These pressures and rules give people a perceived value relative to others. Social media has helped this narrative thrive. There are so many to compare self to, that eventually one loses the base of one’s self. It really has little to do on the person’s intrinsic talent and value. It’s an easier life to go with the flow.

Ever been so scared to go on a rollercoaster?

I remember being so terrified, yet here I am; in line. That is life. To be terrified and to step in line; excited.

The physical fear behind using nunchucks is something that cannot be corrected by never using them. One slip-up and a person can knock themselves through a loop. There is a little fear behind it but not enough to call it that. We call it bumps and bruises on the way to mastery. Labels help shape narratives.

Being sexy as a woman is and will always probably be a back and forth conversation. Socially there are rules on what’s sexy or too sexy that are placed on unique individuals. It may be wrong or right but these rules create factions of culture like a different world. Reminds me of Star Wars when I think of micro cultures. For those who will travel outside the norm the world changes; but typically changes in their favor once that person discards negative people. Of course there are exceptions.

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