Portrait Photography In Chicago

I thought I give a press release for my business for the first time about what I offer and how things turned out.

This is a creative site so it will have a variety of photography. Some will for some reason wonder if I am actually able to do normal shoots. It can’t be helped. There is less appeal, social media wise for 1001 headshots. Same way a cereal commercials isn’t just showing a child just eating, it shows that kid going on an actual acid trip of flavor. Needless to say There wasn’t too many shoots that I wasn’t able to do.

Along with the shoot, the package comes with prints before you even leave. That means you get first day edits and take home instant results. For anyone doing headshots and need them asap we have on the spot shot-n-Go Headshots.

Along with portrait I also offer light photo manipulation that add flavor and value to highlight the subject not to create something that is distracting.


Candid shots

If you want to add a more natural vibe to your home we can do staged or actual candid shots. A side note this is an outdoor shoot, I will shoot on location and will travel.

Why the creative dominate my instagram and website?

Some of my client work I try to keep it less publicised. Also I try to keep things constant, a branding tip to not appear all over the place even though the request I get are as different as snow and fire.

I also love creative work and it’s is an expression of myself in the lighting style and the expression of the people I shoot.

the creative Idea is people are who they are and the style I shoot is my perception on life. my perception is dark with minimum light to highlight (usually, I am versatile and will change styles for the concept) the subject and play with negative and positive space in a simplistic form.


I have a large amount of events that I do per year.


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