When to Argue Online, Finally

To control the narrative.

You can leave now if you like, the answer is right there—I know everyone hates looking online for an answer to look through 30 paragraphs to find the answer. This is also a tip on building a better blog. Use what journalist do by putting the most important information at the top.



As a brand controlling the narrative is important. Let’s say something you do suddenly becomes vilified or someone is trying to demonize something that is essentially your brand; defend it. Approach it like an expert, do your best to not look defensive.



We could ignore it. Giving some things attention gives it power. This is your livelihood so let’s’ discuss tactics.

  1. The first thing is to politely discredit the source—if they are uncredible.
  2. Don’t give it any devoted attention as if you seeked it out. Discret it on their turf. Homefield advantage doesn’t work when you’re burning crops. light a peaceful candle in concern for what was said then place it on the farm and watch it burn.
  3. Arguments isn’t about winning. There are no winners. The object is to seed doubt in false information. The doubters will fact check and that’s how the fire will first start long after you’re gone.
  4. Go back to your farm and show the value in your brand.

This is made for smaller to mid-sized brands. Any bigger and it would look like a rogue company executive fighting with someone online and that becomes news more than the narrative.

Company Narratives

  1. Get ahead of the storm:
    • In photography there are a lot of opinions. Most of which I will never hear. Like philosophy, people will discuss everything I do behind closed doors or perhaps I should say like TMZ. Get ahead of the storm by keeping counter narratives on deck. Keep a well crafted and thought out media package as if you had no idea it was coming and it was just by chance.
  2. Transparent within reason:
    • Let people know what’s going on but don’t cater to the people who are devoted to hating the brand and you alike. They only arrive when things are going well to burn your farm. When someone comes to burn your crops make them question their actions. “What exactly are you burning.” Crops or weeds. If you are indeed on the right side of this conflict then stay confident. Anything that burns are weeds and they are doing you a favor.

There is no getting around it people will be negative online and it’s contagious. As you get bigger as a brand your stakeholders will fight for you. For me personally I hold this blog to control my narrative. Even fans of the brand can steer the narrative in the wrong direction.

I take photos that a priest or nun wouldn’t approve and if they came to light my farm on fire I would kindly let them know, “These photos aren’t for you to see so why are you here.” Conversely going to someone else’s farm who brand or current content is attacking from afar, they know why I’m here; everyone should.


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