Hip-Hop Life Lesson: Da$h High Score

Here is a smooth song that I came across that I really love sit back and vibe to while I drink tea.

The lesson here is the music video. It really captures my youth of not having money but creating memories with my friends. It is also something that I chase in my adulthood. I want to connect with friends without breaking the bank. It is a sharp contrast to chilling in the club. This has more conversation and taking in the city that I love. When I am on my deathbed I will think of those moments when we were just walking and laughing going to a destination on foot or sitting in public like an impromptu street picnic.


Now the path I walk is typically alone…

What song could possibly be used for that? Maybe it’s that macho feeling of walking with my crew as if we are prepared for war and success alike.

Coronavirus Angle (COVID-19)

Figure out who your real friends are

Assuming your friends aren’t sick; this is what I would personally suggest. Take time to appreciate your friends in a more personal setting—especially if you are the type to go out often. I say this to build bonds. Yes friends need this too. Nothing hurts more than figuring out you are alone when times get hard. Is that friend fake or is it that neither of you actually were close, just conveniently free around the same times.


Yes, this is the new age of friends where the ones we call our real friends are either flaking or unavailable. Now all we have is the people who have the same work schedule, both unemployed or without children. Time to see if you have a real friend or a travel companion.

Keep Enjoying Life

And lastly don’t allow fear to close your mind off. If you are afraid it’s okay but be a scholar about your fear and why.

Peace, always.

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