Hip-Hop Look : Life is Boring: Alright Twista proof

The life is boring segment is now here

“Scale on 1-10 what would you rate yourself?” Kanye. then he gives her a drink then say how good him his date looks. Thats pretty much the whole verse but in my head… I see flashing lights fur coats, Kanye walking with his crew to create one hell of a night.

For me it would be getting out of my car in my Sunday’s best walking like I am the coolest man on the planet but most people ignoring me and I sum it up to everyone being a hater. All this in a 15-60 walk to the restaurant that I can afford once a month.


Twista lyrics was a bit more exciting if My mind was in the right spot. physically here but on another planet.. Pulling up one women and basically winning her over. Still summed up as, if I look good not only do I feel good but life is more exciting.

Shopping for excitement

Wow. Are we looking for excitement more than women? Perhaps the women is for validation; it’s not like many men will verify our fly, right?

Aside from the club or the bar, the average person—in this example man won’t have many places to show off. Everyday clothes that have a high price tag is prefered over my style of suits. I’m establishing that to illustrate that our rap song is literally Kanye working a 9-5 dressed like he is going to the club. Yeah family, life is boring.


Instagram Tricks

A quick tip. Look at everyone who is fly and pretty on Instagram. How many are actually doing anything? Exactly a vast majority are tricking us into thinking they have a perfect life by staring at the camera for 10 seconds in all of their glory.

Travel what is it really?

If I wasn’t from Chicago and I traveled there what am I doing? I am eating the most expensive food, going to a museum maybe but usually the party spot so I can dress up. The major question is what else could I buy saving on the hotel and plane ticket?


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