Low-Light Photography

I had a client that was also interested in my experimental shoots. My love is low light photography. I find it very beautiful to me to capture the night the most romantic time of the day. The night is sexy, fun, memorable and lonely all rolled into one. I can go on about how I feel about the night but today this is a showcase.

At this time I was using a Nikon DSLR 5000 series. This camera today might be worth a pair of shoes but the value was crazy for me.

Why was I attracted to low light shooting and why should you.

If you’re just starting off this is the cheapest way to create a black background. The only challenge is the lack of space. The best suggestion is a cheap black backdrop and move the subject far enough away to have zero spill on the fabric and edit the blacks a bit darker. It gives—to me the feel of a very large empty space.

The new black and white art photo

Black and white portraits are always the typical style when people are looking to sell art. A regular color photo that’s well lit will draw too much attention to the fashion side and a nude shoot in color is a whole different monster. I’ve had some success with low light portraits when it comes to making it artistic. The black dominance adds balance to anything that a person wears to not be too distracting as well as mood.


originally this was one to be done with a simple white background but I thought why not give extra added value with my favorite style of shooting. Here, below are the shots requested.


These photos were taken years ago and I know many creatives like myself hate old work but I try to embrace the creative walk of life. I am reminding myself that it’s something that I enjoyed and not something I wanted to be noticed for or be free of flaws to flaunt over other creatives.


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