Social Dilemma Review

This is a documentary that was recently added to Netflix speaking on the dangers and addictiveness of social media. It was enough to make me want to unplug and invest my time in stand alone websites objectively to find the truth to this world.

Unplugged Project:

It’s time to invest in analog. Yes like that crazy person with the tinfoil hat I am going retrograde. My reason behind this is to force myself to live more when I usually avoid human contact by all means. I knew it would be a problem the moment I got my own place and social media is keeping me on the loner’s life support.

I am going to go very hard locally when it comes to my work. This will be a challenge as a man without a car. My hope is to host galleries by sponsoring small events. I will lay out my plan in hopes it will help others or help me with your advice. I know a lot of small events lack the funds to keep going, my plan is to sponsor part of the event while also using that opportunity to host a gallery. I’m thinking open mic or something then sell trade books for anyone who wants to follow me.

Unplugged but not fully

I still support websites. I want anyone who’s website is similar to mind to message or email me. I would love to create we network to create something that will wing us off social media but not killing the power of the internet all together.

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