I’m a Chicago based writer and photographer who loves to create. All the photos unless otherwise stated are created by me. My main objective is to ask questions and look at things in a different way. I’m not one to rant on about much, I would rather star gaze with the few trusted people in my life. I can’t do that so I will write to whom ever wish to read and shoot for anyone who wish to look at life through my eyes. Contact me I am always free to talk.


Why is my work so dark?

I go through a lot of pain and I have no one I can talk to fully, more as no one will listen. My art is essentially the voice of the unheard, a protest.

It may not be full of blood and death but  it shows the beauty of everyday surrounded by the rough coffin that we call the world. Looking good while doing bad. This is also why a lot of my work is centered around the night. There are people who are kept up at night by the darkest things that we keep to ourselves. When the sun rises we put on a good smile.


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