Branding: Stopping & Starting

One of the biggest things that has always caused me issues is wanting fresh content and being consistent being a portrait photographer. The biggest roadblock I always run into is work stoppage. In branding it's usually out of sight out of mind. The moment I stopped there was a voice waiting to step in my … Continue reading Branding: Stopping & Starting

Social Dilemma Review

This is a documentary that was recently added to Netflix speaking on the dangers and addictiveness of social media. It was enough to make me want to unplug and invest my time in stand alone websites objectively to find the truth to this world. Unplugged Project: It's time to invest in analog. Yes like that … Continue reading Social Dilemma Review

Hip-Hop Look : Life is Boring: Alright Twista proof

The life is boring segment is now here "Scale on 1-10 what would you rate yourself?" Kanye. then he gives her a drink then say how good him his date looks. Thats pretty much the whole verse but in my head... I see flashing lights fur coats, Kanye walking with his crew to create one … Continue reading Hip-Hop Look : Life is Boring: Alright Twista proof

Hip-Hop Life Lesson: Da$h High Score

Here is a smooth song that I came across that I really love sit back and vibe to while I drink tea. The lesson here is the music video. It really captures my youth of not having money but creating memories with my friends. It is also something that I chase in my adulthood. I … Continue reading Hip-Hop Life Lesson: Da$h High Score