Avoid Blogging & Vlogging Convolution

While doing my daily research I found another issue I think would fellow writers and vloggers.  Convoluted Series I understand as a person to prove your credibility. working on my previous post on blogging better this is focused on losing the reader while building credibility. Jargon If you are using words that need an explanation … Continue reading Avoid Blogging & Vlogging Convolution

Improve Your Modeling 1 Step

This isn't a 10 step program because to be honest most of those steps are not followed. When I looked at the "fix something in 5 steps" I usually cherry pick the easiest one and ignore the rest. When it comes to modeling there is one major step that you must overcome before you can … Continue reading Improve Your Modeling 1 Step

5 Productivity Rules While Working a 9-5 (8×3 Law)

If you are working a 9-5 and live paycheck to paycheck or just over that then this article if for you. The 9-5 & The 8x3 is the time management of maintaining a company while working a full-time job. The typical day is about eight hours of work, and we generally want about eight hours … Continue reading 5 Productivity Rules While Working a 9-5 (8×3 Law)

The WEB: School Shooting Uncovered

Major Points Gun control is a band-aid Any gun vs an unarmed crowed is still a tragedy Teachers with guns will make things worse If cops kill minorities - and it's their job to figure out who and when to shoot, then one can assume teachers with their potential for bias would be in danger … Continue reading The WEB: School Shooting Uncovered