Why Love inspires from Pain

It's typically called baggage when love from the past has changed us in a way that prevent us from receiving love later in life. I think about the things I did more than I am willing to admit on a normal basis. No one wants to be the bad guy, especially when you are being … Continue reading Why Love inspires from Pain

Ice Queen: Art-Work

With the third part released I thought I do an early release of the expanded visual used in Ice queen that has not been seen by the public. It is some good stuff people but I do want to help support everyone involved financially because frankly when shit hits the fan art isn't always a … Continue reading Ice Queen: Art-Work

Numbers Do Lie: Series Breakdown 1

Numbers don't lie, right? This was a notion we tried to push down the public throats since I've been alive and I'm sure much longer. Why? Why Mr. Isom you got to be insane in the membrane. Preview on written and visual series There will be angles on the story and how I feel about … Continue reading Numbers Do Lie: Series Breakdown 1

Noir Test run

As you know I am diving into this style as I feel that it already fits my current flow as well as personality. My personality being someone who thrives in BS and I always push my story forward no matter how many sad set backs. Today's feature is as follows... This is nothing too major; … Continue reading Noir Test run