Everyone’s Aim for Art

Visual art and musical art what should everyone's aim should be? For me to create a discussion from the art that you create is the peak of art to me. That is it. I gave it to you quickly. You can go on about your life or look at some art below that I took … Continue reading Everyone’s Aim for Art

Where Was My Brand And I?

I've been missing in action on my business accounts besides reposting and written stories. The repost were to at least show people that I was at least still alive. Any internet guru would say this is bad for business. So what was I doing? My Tribe If there was ever a lesson to learn from … Continue reading Where Was My Brand And I?

Acen and Minoru Mineta Cosplay

I finally went to Acen for the first time! I went with a model as my guide and we did a few shoots, without further to do here is my experience and some artwork! Video experience and Haul on Acen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Vf_MoFA7gM&t= Extra information A week after buying I wish I would have bought a fancier … Continue reading Acen and Minoru Mineta Cosplay

Death Do Us Part…

Short and sweet. Something I want to see when I close my eyes for the last time on this earth and open them back up on the other side.

Grim's Crypt

“You say you’ll love me till death do us part, 

          But that’s a saying you shouldn’t take to heart. 

          Your soul was mine right from the very start. 

         Even in death there is nothing that can tear us apart. ”  

                                                                           -Grim Angel

Image: Rare Historical Photos

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Ice Queen, Part 1

Very happy that my photo was used by Grim’s Crypt and this is the first time this particular set has been used publicly from my photo collection. She is a talented writer, can’t wait for more from this series. -Royal Passion Mag.


Grim's Crypt

He stood there drenched in sweat. The rise and fall of his muscular chest was so fast that it reminded her of her own beating heart. She just demonstrated just a small extent of her capabilities in the bedroom, and here was her temporary companion panting like he did any of the work. A small smile formed on her round face, proud of what she just accomplished in such a short time frame.

“That w-was…,” her companion stuttered as he tried to catch his breath.

She looked up at him with seductive eyes, and said, “I can still go a few more rounds. I just wanted to show you that I can put my money where my mouth is.”

“You indeed have a very nice mouth. There aren’t a lot of women that can do what you just did.”

At that she smiled before moving her petite frame across the…

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Are We Truly Special

Looking at the universe as a whole, nothing seems to matter so the concept of anything being special seems to be a paradox. However, looking at life in the scope of relativity moments in life seem to have massive value. Taking a step forward The amazingly wonderful and sad fact about life is there isn't … Continue reading Are We Truly Special