Where did I go?

I know it seems as if my page has gone cold but I am currently working on something special to me. It will be an all new feature that you will  see in the tabs. I am so excited for what's to come that this one page will feel like a new website more like … Continue reading Where did I go?

Ugandan knuckles; Racist

Let me get my thoughts because this isn't a post to preach to the choir. This post was made to explain to everyone who thinks it's "just funny." Later I will talk more on this in my Podcast this Thursday. Let's first start off with what people first seen as funny the accent and the … Continue reading Ugandan knuckles; Racist

The Bears Were Robbed Again

The Bears are once again a much  better team than the record shows. If we did if we didn't I know I hate saying if. But formally speaking aside form my podcast rant Here is why we were robbed. The Refs That pass interference call was a horrible call that pushed them down the field. … Continue reading The Bears Were Robbed Again

The 80’s Standard on Beauty in R&B

Now that was my kind of beauty. Well more so the personalities that they represent. A good example is Caribbean Queen By Billy Ocean. In today's standards that woman is normal. We for video vixen standards at least. She is a thin kinky haired black woman. She is average at best. Yet Ocean looked at … Continue reading The 80’s Standard on Beauty in R&B

Snow Drift Model Preview

One of the first people to push me back My nickname is ice   As I journey on my farewell tour I found a new model who didn't want me to give it up. This shoot says a lot about where I am as a photographer and an artist. The world is so cold but … Continue reading Snow Drift Model Preview