CWO — Podcast

Netflix: Social Media Dilemma Review—Episode 8

Chadwick Boseman—Episode 7 

Chadwick Boseman Dies at Age of 43….Read More



Enjoying life win or loss

host: I som J acobs (Ice Cold Rebel)

Episode 7: Is Reaching for the stars a pipe dream?

Are we really reaching? is the concept reaching?

Read more


Episode 6: Keyboard Reviews

Image taken from Amazon

Seafarer Keyboard $1,650

SoJourner Keyboard $1,000

Episode 5: Art Style


Episode 4: Mind Power

  • Don’t other people’s Misery ruin your day

  • prejudice can be felt don’t let it drive you crazy

  • Stress in the work place is poison

  • How Jazz influence my work


The first time I used retro editing on my older photos to make me think of a day and age where Jazz is as popular as rap music.

Episode 3: Sneak peak on new projects


March Updates

Read more

   Episode 2: School shootings brainstorms

School Shooting Solutions?

Read more

First Meme of the year flops:

Ugandan Knuckles


Episode 1

February 2,2018

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