Soft As Snow

Soft as Snow is a concept series that I created a few years back. I will continue to add to it as time go on. 

It all started with this shot below. when I started shooting Noir accidentally. When I figured out that it works with my natural style and I found some interest information on Reddit to better shape what I wanted to do.  

This features has high contrast and cool color tone. This experimental shoot was loosely shot highlighting the soft texture of snow and women. 

I added a few comic like features in my experiment. In my later shoot I made it less cool in temperature.  I went with that to highlight the vast darkness and space that I wanted to highlight. 


I will add more to this as time goes on as my time is very limited but I really wanted to get this out in the world. 

Honorable mention

Lights in the cave

This might have made the cut if I added snow, this might be a combination shoot on my 3rd run around on this concept. 

Ice Queen: Photo Teaser

Ice queen

written: Grim’s Crypt

Photography: The Rebel, Ice Cold

Muse: Ashley

To this date Grim Crypt has dropped a three part series on Ice queen and it’s something worth checking out. I will be dropping some visuals from the shoot that was used in the series along with some other tidbits that happened during that day.

Full sets, alternate edits and NSFW will be posted on my pateron


Some shots we are familiar with…




Some never before seen shots…



Remember me posting Noir inspired photos?

There is a devoted set where some was preferred for the series…