Hip-Hop Look : Life is Boring: Alright Twista proof

The life is boring segment is now here "Scale on 1-10 what would you rate yourself?" Kanye. then he gives her a drink then say how good him his date looks. Thats pretty much the whole verse but in my head... I see flashing lights fur coats, Kanye walking with his crew to create one … Continue reading Hip-Hop Look : Life is Boring: Alright Twista proof

Avoid Blogging & Vlogging Convolution

While doing my daily research I found another issue I think would fellow writers and vloggers.  Convoluted Series I understand as a person to prove your credibility. working on my previous post on blogging better this is focused on losing the reader while building credibility. Jargon If you are using words that need an explanation … Continue reading Avoid Blogging & Vlogging Convolution