Low-Light Photography

I had a client that was also interested in my experimental shoots. My love is low light photography. I find it very beautiful to me to capture the night the most romantic time of the day. The night is sexy, fun, memorable and lonely all rolled into one. I can go on about how I … Continue reading Low-Light Photography

Branding Collaboration & Pricing

I have a love hate relationship with my hometown of Chicago. As a creative I work in one of the biggest markets in the nation, however this is one of the worse places to start anything. Here is what I've learned from trying to operate a creative company in Chicago. Location is everything Know where … Continue reading Branding Collaboration & Pricing

Acen and Minoru Mineta Cosplay

I finally went to Acen for the first time! I went with a model as my guide and we did a few shoots, without further to do here is my experience and some artwork! Video experience and Haul on Acen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Vf_MoFA7gM&t= Extra information A week after buying I wish I would have bought a fancier … Continue reading Acen and Minoru Mineta Cosplay

Noir Test run

As you know I am diving into this style as I feel that it already fits my current flow as well as personality. My personality being someone who thrives in BS and I always push my story forward no matter how many sad set backs. Today's feature is as follows... This is nothing too major; … Continue reading Noir Test run

Are We Truly Special

Looking at the universe as a whole, nothing seems to matter so the concept of anything being special seems to be a paradox. However, looking at life in the scope of relativity moments in life seem to have massive value. Taking a step forward The amazingly wonderful and sad fact about life is there isn't … Continue reading Are We Truly Special

The Bears Were Robbed Again

The Bears are once again a much  better team than the record shows. If we did if we didn't I know I hate saying if. But formally speaking aside form my podcast rant Here is why we were robbed. The Refs That pass interference call was a horrible call that pushed them down the field. … Continue reading The Bears Were Robbed Again