Branding: Stopping & Starting

One of the biggest things that has always caused me issues is wanting fresh content and being consistent being a portrait photographer. The biggest roadblock I always run into is work stoppage. In branding it's usually out of sight out of mind. The moment I stopped there was a voice waiting to step in my … Continue reading Branding: Stopping & Starting

Acen and Minoru Mineta Cosplay

I finally went to Acen for the first time! I went with a model as my guide and we did a few shoots, without further to do here is my experience and some artwork! Video experience and Haul on Acen Extra information A week after buying I wish I would have bought a fancier … Continue reading Acen and Minoru Mineta Cosplay

The 80’s Standard on Beauty in R&B

Now that was my kind of beauty. Well more so the personalities that they represent. A good example is Caribbean Queen By Billy Ocean. In today's standards that woman is normal. We for video vixen standards at least. She is a thin kinky haired black woman. She is average at best. Yet Ocean looked at … Continue reading The 80’s Standard on Beauty in R&B