Our first portrait

This is a previous set from an Erotic Series Ice Queen with a few more shots displayed, along with concept art. More from the Series Ice Queen below https://royalpassion.blog/2018/03/24/ice-queen-part-1/ Concept art behind the scenes teaser

Ice Queen: Art-Work

With the third part released I thought I do an early release of the expanded visual used in Ice queen that has not been seen by the public. It is some good stuff people but I do want to help support everyone involved financially because frankly when shit hits the fan art isn't always a … Continue reading Ice Queen: Art-Work

Numbers Do Lie: Series Breakdown 1

Numbers don't lie, right? This was a notion we tried to push down the public throats since I've been alive and I'm sure much longer. Why? Why Mr. Isom you got to be insane in the membrane. Preview on written and visual series There will be angles on the story and how I feel about … Continue reading Numbers Do Lie: Series Breakdown 1

5 Productivity Rules While Working a 9-5 (8×3 Law)

If you are working a 9-5 and live paycheck to paycheck or just over that then this article if for you. The 9-5 & The 8x3 is the time management of maintaining a company while working a full-time job. The typical day is about eight hours of work, and we generally want about eight hours … Continue reading 5 Productivity Rules While Working a 9-5 (8×3 Law)

March-April Updates

Thanks for hanging in there with me, things can get rough even when things are going well. I hope everyone is doing well enjoying life. Remember sometimes that last push can me all that's needed. And now some visuals for the update. An expansion on older concepts. 6 more weeks More of this set will … Continue reading March-April Updates