Hip-Hop Life Lesson: Da$h High Score

Here is a smooth song that I came across that I really love sit back and vibe to while I drink tea. The lesson here is the music video. It really captures my youth of not having money but creating memories with my friends. It is also something that I chase in my adulthood. I … Continue reading Hip-Hop Life Lesson: Da$h High Score

Where Was My Brand And I?

I've been missing in action on my business accounts besides reposting and written stories. The repost were to at least show people that I was at least still alive. Any internet guru would say this is bad for business. So what was I doing? My Tribe If there was ever a lesson to learn from … Continue reading Where Was My Brand And I?

Happy Loner Paradox

Swaying back and forth between despair and joy alone I wonder why can't I stay stable? I was formally a big supporter of self-sustaining happiness, however that is a biological paradox. Everything I have been told is telling something different yet therapist that I've had told me that my happiness shouldn't depend on others. Twenty-second … Continue reading Happy Loner Paradox

Male Performance anxiety

Likely diagnosed as erectile dysfunction but it could have a social disease more than a physical one. This is my attempt to help anyone who might be siking themselves out or overthinking during sex.   This idea came to me literally scrolling through Instagram and the usually but uncontested bashing of men who are bad … Continue reading Male Performance anxiety