The Price of Eye Candy

I seen a $4,000 watch. I had to let that sink in. Maybe women get looked down upon for being over-sexualized but it didn't seem to clear as to what our cardinal sin was for our gender. For the chance to reproduce some men spend a lot of money to look like money. It's something … Continue reading The Price of Eye Candy

5 Valentines Day-Inspired Shoots Single or Couples

This year Valentines day will be in the middle of a classical work week. Photos can be a perfect way to do some early foreplay for the love of your life to look forward on the weekend. For the single people out there this can be a great opportunity to have fun to distract from … Continue reading 5 Valentines Day-Inspired Shoots Single or Couples

Male Performance anxiety

Likely diagnosed as erectile dysfunction but it could have a social disease more than a physical one. This is my attempt to help anyone who might be siking themselves out or overthinking during sex.   This idea came to me literally scrolling through Instagram and the usually but uncontested bashing of men who are bad … Continue reading Male Performance anxiety

Are We Truly Special

Looking at the universe as a whole, nothing seems to matter so the concept of anything being special seems to be a paradox. However, looking at life in the scope of relativity moments in life seem to have massive value. Taking a step forward The amazingly wonderful and sad fact about life is there isn't … Continue reading Are We Truly Special